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Esstech’s TEGDMA Incorporated in Hydrogel Synthesis Patent

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
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Forming Clear, wettable silicone hydrogel articles without surface treatments

Document Type and Number: Kind Code:  A1
Inventors: Vanderlaan, Douglas C. (Jacksonville, FL, US), Petisce, James R. (San Diego, CA, US), Alli, Azaam (Jacksonville, FL, US), Mccabe, Kevin P. (St. Augustine Beach, FL, US)

The present invention is a composition, which may be used to form contact lenses, comprising at least one silicone containing component, at least one hydrophilic component, at least one high molecular weight hydrophilic polymer and at least one diluent with an alpha value of about 0.5 to about 1 and a Hansen solubility parameter of less than about 10.
…Some of the diluents from Example 1 were used to make contact lenses from the monomer mix shown in Table 3…
Component level (wt)
DMA 31%
PVP (K90) 6%
mPDMS 1000 45%
HEMA 14.75 %
CGI-819 0.25%
Norbloc< /td> 1.5%
monomer/diluent ratio 60/40
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