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Esstech Attends Advanced Energy 2013 Conference

Friday, May 10th, 2013
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It was our pleasure to attend the Advanced Energy 2013 Conference in NYC.


We appreciate the many comments and questions we received regarding our presentation, UV CURING – ENABLING PHOTOVOLTAICS. Please Contact Us to continue the discussions!


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High-Purity Adhesive Monomers

Friday, March 9th, 2012
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Manufacturing quality adhesive components requires raw materials of uncompromising purity. Their multiple applications place a considerable burden on their performance. The challenge is further heightened by the difficulty in synthesizing these molecules. These unique materials are capable of bridging the gap between hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrates.


X-863-0050:  NTG-GMA Sodium Salt

  • CAS # 133736-31-9

The sodium salt of N-tolylglycine glycidyl methacrylate is an adhesive that bridges the gap between hydrophobic and hydrophilic substrates. Na Salt of NTG-GMA is TSCA listed and can be solubilized in acetone.

X-863-0070: NTG-GMA Magnesium Salt

  • CAS # 211810-95-6

The Magnesium Salt of this surface active monomer (NTG-GMA) offers double the functionality as the sodium salt of NTG-GMA along with improved color.

The sodium salt and magnesium salt of NTG-GMA are both adhesion promoting monomers that also function as a co-initiators due to their tertiary aromatic amine group.

X-865-0000:  PMDM

  • CAS # 51156-91-3

Pyromellitic Dimethacrylate has the ability to bond to various substrates when used alone or in conjunction with our Sodium or Magnesium NTG-GMA salts. Bis(2-Methacryloyloxyethyl) Pyromellitate is TSCA listed and promotes adhesion between metal and plastic substrates in anaerobic adhesives.

X-830-0100:  PMGDM

  • CAS # 148019-46-9

Pyromellitic glycerol dimethacrylate is now available without any diluent.  To use this neat material, simply add the desired quantity into the diluent of your choosing or directly into your formulation.  PMGDM, also known as Bis (Glyceryl Dimethacrylate) Pyromellitate, can make an ideal adhesive system using its’ four methacrylate groups and two carboxylic acid groups to bond to various substrates.





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New Additions to the Esstech Team

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
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From its simple origins in the early 1990’s as a line of highly customized raw materials for compounders of “new generation” restorative dental composites to now a major manufacturer of customized UV/EB curable materials serving an ever-wider range of industries, Esstech, Inc. has indeed been a very successful “experiment”.  It is my pleasure to announce two additions to the Esstech Team of talented professionals.

Last year, Bruce Farina, a 21-year veteran of Sartomer Company, joined Esstech as Senior Vice President and we are now pleased to announce that, effective as of January 1, 2012, Bruce has been given full operational responsibility for Esstech as President/COO.  Bruce’s two decades of experience at Sartomer ranged from Manufacturing Manager through various titles and functions to Vice President with, most recently, overall global responsibility for all of Sartomer’s photocure (UV/EB) business.

Bruce is taking over for Howard Slaff who, after a very successful leadership tenure at Esstech, is moving ten miles south down I-95 to assume the President/COO responsibilities being vacated by the retiring Mike Norquist at Esstech’s sister company, Esschem, Inc..

I am also very pleased to announce that Bruce has successfully recruited Dr. Mike Idacavage as Esstech’s new Director of Business Development.  Mike Idacavage may be known to some of you as the immediate past-President of RadTech North America and is a lifetime member of RadTech’s Board of Directors.  Mike’s “day job” for the last 15 years was with Cytec Industries (and, pre-merger, UCB Chemicals), most recently as Cytec’s Principal Research Fellow.

Those of us involved with Esstech over the years could not be more excited with the Team now in place and with their commitment to its next phase of customer-centric growth!

Please check us out at !

Henry M. (“Tac”) Justi


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