Optimal Solvent Ratio for Adhesive Systems

Hybridization morphology and dentin bond stability of self-etch primers with different ethanol/water ratios

Silvia T. Fontes, Giana S. Lima, Fabrício A. Ogliari, Evandro Piva and Rafael R. Moraes

Odontology, DOI: 10.1007/s10266-011-0030-5


This study evaluated the influence of ethanol/water ratios on the bond strength to dentin of experimental two-step, self-etch adhesive systems. Self-etch primers were prepared with constant 40 mass % of solvents. The ethanol/water ratios tested were 7:1 (P1), 3:1 (P2), and 1:1 (P3); primers with only ethanol (PE) or water (PW) as solvent were also tested. The bond strength to the dentin was investigated through a microtensile bond strength test. Resin–dentin beam-shaped specimens were obtained and tested after 24 h, 6 months, and 1 year of storage in water at 37°C. The hybridization morphology was analyzed using SEM. For bond strength at 24 h, PE = P1, P1 = P2, and P2, P3 and PW > PE. After 6 months, PE = P1 < P2, P3 and PW. After 1 year, no significant differences among the materials were detected. No significant differences among the periods were detected for PE. For P1, 24 h > 6 months = 1 year. For P2, P3 and PW, 24 h = 6 months > 1 year. For PE and P1, adhesive failures were predominant at 24 h, mixed or adhesive failures after 6 months, and premature debonding was predominant after 1 year. For P2, mixed failures were predominant at 24 h and 6 months, and premature debonding after 1 year. For P3 and PW, mixed failures were predominant at all storage periods. The SEM analysis revealed no clear differences in the hybridization patterns yielded by the water-based primers; PE showed formation of irregular resin tags.
Odontology 123 Page 6. Acknowledgments This study was partially supported by grant #04/ 1374.1 from the FAPERGS, Brazil. The authors also thank Esstech, Inc. for donating the reagents used in the present investigation

LINK:  http://www.springerlink.com/content/84hl1518hl85023w/

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