To further assist our customers, Esstech, Inc. now offers “Silica Concentrates”.  Silica, also known as silicon dioxide, is often incorporated into dental and cosmetic formulations creating what are commonly referred to as “filled” systems.  Silicas, specifically, treated-fumed-silicas, are known for their ability to act as rheology modifiers.   Additional benefits of a filled vs. unfilled system include anti-sag application and enhanced strength.  In the rheology curves below (viscosity v. time), you can see the shear thinning effect of silica in a filled system as opposed to that of an un-filled system.  Viscosity is reduced as the shear stress is increased over time.



Unfortunately, incorporating silica into a formulation is difficult and time consuming.  If the silica is not uniformly dispersed, your formulation will suffer from shifting rheology.  In other words, the rheology of your formulation will change over time as the silica wets-out.

Esstech has the ability to uniformly disperse silica into the monomer (or monomers) of your choosing, creating a customized Silica Concentrate that can be incorporated into your formulation easily.  Contact us today to receive a sample of our Urethane Dimethacrylate-based Silica Concentrate, Product Code X-850-3044.  Or, our chemists can help you choose the best combination of monomers and silica for your formulation.


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