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Product Spotlight: “Solid” Urethanes

In our pursuit of new and innovative materials, Esstech has created an experimental line of “solid” urethanes.  These materials are solid at room temperature, resembling glass both in appearance and the ability to fracture easily into a powder upon impact.  Here are more of our initial observations:

  • Easy to incorporate into a powder coating once fractured.
  • Extrude well under normal conditions and can be ground, sieved or sprayed.
  • Create very clear and colorless coatings.
  • Cured materials have excellent solvent resistance, flexibility and adhesion to polycarbonate and ABS.


Esstech offers a multitude of monomers including acrylates, methacrylates, diluents, crosslinkers, oligomers and more!  Contact us to discuss sourcing of existing commercial products or custom development.


Contact us to request samples and/or additional information regarding any of our products.
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