4-META History and Applications

4-META use in dentistry:  A literature review

Jeffrey Chai Chang, DDS, MS, Thomas L. Hurst, DDS, MS, Deborah A. Hart, DMD, and Allan W. Estey, DDSd.  University of Texas Dental Branch, and V.A. Medical Center, Houston, Texas

(J Prosthet Dent 2002;87:216-24.)

4-META (4-methacryloyloxyethy trimellitate anhydride) adhesive resins have been reported in the dental literature for more than 20 years. While the majority of available bonding agents available have gone through changes from the first generation to the fifth, 4-META products have had basically the same ingredients since inception. They consistently produce excellent results, are easy to use, and are not technique-sensitive. Some new adhesive products may have higher bond strengths, but the optimum strength for adhesive materials has not been determined clinically.  For ease of use and consistency of results, 4-META adhesive resins appear to be a good choice.

LINK: http://www.prosdent.org/article/S0022-3913%2802%2961035-2/abstract

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